Portuguese Web Archive 2022: Politiquices.PT (portuguese)

Politiquices.PT, which won the 2nd place on the Arquivo.pt Award 2021, allows us to explore support and opposition relationships between political personalities, extracted from news headlines of 25 years of Portuguese archived newspapers. The relationships are indexed in a SPARQL engine allowing the graph to be explored through SPARQL queries.

Seminar @ Instituto Politécnico Tomar 2021: Data-Science at Comtravo GbmH (portuguese)

I had the honour of being invited by Ricardo Campos to deliver a seminar where I had the opportunity to present an overview of the groundbreaking work we have undertaken at Comtravo GbmH. Additionally, I took the initiative to provide an introductory presentation on Politiquices.PT.

PyData Berlin 2017: BREDS (english)

Presenting BREDS, a bootstrapping system for relationship extraction relying on word embeddings. The paper was published in EMNLP 2015 and won an Honorable Mention for Best Short Paper.