Hello! :) I’m David Batista and I currently live in Berlin.

I have experience in both research and industry and I enjoy working on solutions from concept to production, transforming natural language text into structured data. I considered myself a practical problem solver and like to deliver production ready software, not just results.

I hold a Ph.D. in Natural Language Processing where I explored and proposed methods for semantic relationship extraction. You can see a complete list of my publications and my detailed Curriculum Vitae.

I’m also the creator and maintainer of Politiquices.PT a semantic graph connected with Wikidata, which allows to explore political interactions of support and opposition based on archived news articles from the past 25 years.

I occasionally write blog posts mostly about Software Engineering, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. I have a strong interest in the following topics:

  • Natural Language Processing and Text Analytics
  • Information Extraction: Named-Entity Recognition and Relationship-Extraction, Entity Linking
  • Knowledge Bases and Semantic Graphs
  • Machine Learning and Neural Networks applied to NLP tasks